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Science, nature and a completely unique manufacturing process merge in high-quality products and give a completely new dimension to skin care.

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With a passion to create something unique in harmony with nature, far from mass production, Inlight Beauty produces effective skin care where science and nature merge into high quality products. The products are designed to work alongside the skin, rather than on top of it.

The skin care series is 100% organic and clinical studies show that the series gives the skin more radiance and increases circulation. Cold pressed plant oils are distilled on site in Cornwall for over a month to harness their unique properties and potency. The ingredients work in synergy with the skin and optimal skin health is created.

Thanks to modern science and the laws of quantum physics, we know that all matter has its own vibrational waves. Inlight Beauty founder Dr. Mariano Spiezia has taken note of this and created tailored techniques to enhance the energy and vitality of each ingredient. Through music, color and sound frequency, even sun and moonlight, the ingredients are transformed through a "vibrational dance". This creates a series of products that integrate with the skin and improve the skin's ability to work optimally and stimulate the skin's natural beauty. Slow Beauty at its best.

Dr Mariano Spiezia is a medical doctor, herbalist and homeopath, and is also considered the father of natural skin care in England. Inlight Beauty is founded on knowledge, guided by alchemy and inspired by nature.

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