Our history

We started our journey at a café in Gothenburg. We read an article in Göteborgsposten about how dirty the beauty industry was and how much rubbish there was in ordinary beauty products. Products that you and I use every day. The article described questionable manufacturing processes and waste of the earth's resources. This was something that we didn't know at all and immediately said "we have to do something about this". The road ahead was winding, we first started a website "Ecoholics" with organic beauty products and soon we found the Australian make-up brand INIKA Organic for which we became distributors in Sweden.

The journey continued by taking two steps at once, partly brand two in Eco by Sonya from Australia, best known for its fantastic tan without sun series, and a new market Finland. We were called the INIKA girls even though we had several brands and we decided to clarify who we are and what we stand for. We always knew ourselves who we were, but weren't very good at communicating it outwardly. We changed the company name to Nordic Natural Beauty Distribution AB. We have the Nordics as our primary market and we work with natural beauty. Perfect name, we thought to ourselves!

We brought in brand number three: Jimmy Boyd, wonderful fragrances from Barcelona. We acquired Moonsun Organic of Sweden, a holistic Swedish brand. All of a sudden we owned our own brand, what a thing!

We now knew we wanted to build a nice portfolio of brands and at a slightly faster pace came Sol de Ibiza solid sun protection from Spain and Inlight Beauty, an absolutely magical skin care brand from Cornwall in England with a completely unique manufacturing process. Our latest addition is MaterNatura, a skincare brand from Italy that maintains the quality we demand. We have a few more brands in store, so stay tuned, lots of exciting stuff is in the works.

Sometimes we may think it takes too long, but it has to take the time it takes. But now we are ready to grow faster - much faster! Our vision is to be the Nordic region's most interesting department store for natural beauty. And we hope you want to come along for the ride!