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A complete luxury beauty range, which is full of organic active ingredients that care for and nourish the skin.

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From Australia, where the sun shines the brightest, a tan-without-sun series was founded in Sonya Driver's kitchen. With a passion to use only the finest ingredients, being able to offer a golden tan without exposing the skin to the sun's strong rays. Today, Eco by Sonya is a beloved complete, luxury line of skin care, body care, tanning and makeup.

With 100% natural and vegan active ingredients, the products care for the skin and give it nourishment and vitality. Do you have a more problematic skin? No problem! Then we recommend that you check out all the before and after pictures of Eco by Sonya's customers, we'll let the pictures speak for themselves. Scars, acne, rosacea - customers around the world rave about the results! When they regain their original skin with vitality and shine.

Are you looking for a brand with its heart in the right place and products that are wonderful and effective? A brand that is careful with ingredients, takes great responsibility for mother earth, that has sustainable packaging, that always puts animals and nature first? Then Eco by Sonya is right for you.

Welcome to organic luxury at its best!

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