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Jimmy Boyd

A beloved and award-winning fragrance collection in nine different scents that inspire different moods. All fragrances are natural, vegan and unisex.

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The perfume house Jimmy Boyd Perfumista SL was founded in 1979 and creates fragrances with ingredients only from nature. The passion for fragrance creation is great and the profession of perfumer has been passed down for three generations. Over the years, the perfume house has produced fragrances for countless big brands and also specially produced perfumes for famous people. They have also produced the world's most expensive perfume - "El perfume joya de Sagrada".

For Jimmy Boyd, consideration for the environment and climate is central. All materials and ingredients are selected to ensure as little impact on the environment as possible. The fragrance collection Eau de Cologne Bio-dynamic Collection has been developed based on a great commitment to the environment.

Eau de Cologne Bio-dynamic Collection – A collection of emotions

Let your senses be overwhelmed by emotion. Choose your fragrance according to your mood or the mood you want to enhance at the moment. Each scent provides a feeling based on the concept of aromatherapy. In the most natural way, your senses are enveloped by the fragrant notes of Jimmy Boyd's Eau de Cologne.

All the fragrances in the collection are light and give a refreshing feeling. The fragrances are unisex and can be used in a variety of ways. You can use them directly on the skin, spray a cloud and walk through it so that even the clothes are scented, or as a room fragrance.

The Eau de Cologne Bio-dynamic Collection consists of nine different fragrances that inspire different moods:

- Orange Blossom - Feeling Good

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