Nordic Natural Beauty

With a passion for beauty, sustainability, animals and nature, we look for the finest natural beauty brands and distribute on the Nordic market.

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Our vision is to be the Nordic region's most interesting department store for natural beauty

Quality is always in focus

Performance and effect, feel and scents, durable stylish packaging, ethical brands are important to us. We test, smell, skim ingredient lists, go through production processes and transport, talk to the founders of the brand - all to find the brands, companies and people who have the same values ​​as us. Where beauty and sustainability go hand in hand.

Lots of talking

Hand on heart, there are many people who talk about sustainability and throw around words like clean beauty, natural, vegan-friendly, etc. But if you look closer, there are many who just want to keep up with the green trend. We say no to many more brands than we say yes to. Of course, it requires great integrity, but we believe that it pays off in the long run.

Business should be fun

Building a business often involves a lot of hard work and late nights. But it also means the privilege of working with what you believe in. But it is the people we meet on the road who are the most important. Business should be fun and we love building collaborations with customers, parties and people in the industry!

our brands

When we build our portfolio of brands, each one should contribute something unique and they should not compete with each other. Everyone should have their place to grow. Our carefully selected brands are Inika Organic, Eco by Sonya, Moonsun Organic of Sweden, Jimmy Boyd, Inlight Beauty, Sol de Ibiza and MaterNatura. You can find these at our fine retailers, which include salons, health stores, pharmacies, hotels and online stores.
Of course you can shop here from us.


Our mission is for more people to discover the benefits of natural, organic, vegan and sustainable beauty. Choosing quality over quantity, and finding an effective beauty routine that not only feels good on the skin, but also feels good in the stomach. Wear and tear is over, thoughtful and conscious consumption is the only thing that matters. Simply living life a little more sustainably!

We are building a slightly more adjusted and sustainable beauty industry!

Welcome to Nordic Natural Beauty

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  • Inika Organic

    INIKA Organic

    The global award-winning makeup and skincare brand from Australia is 100% natural and vegan, and is loved by beauty fanatics around the world. Through the power and beauty of nature, Inika inspires people and proves that natural does not have to mean a compromise on quality and performance. Pure with Purpose.

  • Inlight Beauty

    In harmony with nature, a 100% organic and effective skin care series is created. Science, nature and a completely unique manufacturing process merge in high-quality products and give a completely new dimension to skin care. Founded by knowledge, guided by alchemy and inspired by nature.

  • Moonsun Organic

    Moonsun Organic of Sweden is an award-winning holistic unisex beauty range with lovely products infused with aromatherapy to have maximum effect on the skin. Pure, honest skin care at its best.

    Love Your Skin.

  • INIKA Organic Skincare

    Inika Organic Skincare is a high-tech series with the highest percentage of active botanical ingredients on the market – a whopping 5%. The series is designed to treat, protect and care for the skin as well as prevent and delay the aging of the skin.

  • MaterNatura

    MaterNatura is a results-oriented natural and vegan hair care brand that offers unique Bio Beauty scalp and hair routines so you can get the hair you've always dreamed of.

  • Eco By Sonya

    A complete luxury beauty range, which is full of organic active ingredients that care for and nourish the skin. The products are suitable regardless of whether you have normal or more problematic skin. Eco by Sonya is an ethical company and the products are 100% natural, vegan and organic.

  • Jimmy Boyd

    A beloved and award-winning fragrance collection in nine different scents that inspire different moods. All fragrances are natural, vegan and unisex. The Eau de Cologne with its light fragrance gives a wonderfully refreshing feeling.

  • Sol de Ibiza

    Offers natural, vegan and effective sun protection from non-nano zinc oxide filters that protect against both UVA and UVB rays. Suitable for both face and body, all skin types and for the whole family. Enjoy the sun - safely and with a clear conscience - with Sol de Ibiza!

  • Tanning - Brown Without Sun

    With us you will find everything you need to get a natural and deep tan without having to expose your skin to harmful UV rays. Remember that tan without sun products do not contain sun protection, so always make sure to protect the skin with sun protection products.