We did it - Stjärnorna tog hem priserna!

We did it - The stars took home the prizes!

A few weeks ago, three of our brands were nominated for the Organic Beauty Awards, a tribute to the best and most sustainable brands in the natural beauty industry. The ceremony took place on Green Beauty Day on May 17 - a collaboration between NOC Sweden and Online Health Group where all green beauty enthusiasts gather to test everything from makeup, hair care and skin care, discover news and trends, and meet like-minded people.

Charged with hope and expectation, we followed every moment intently on the big screen as prize after prize was handed out by Catherine Dichy  who is chairman of the Organic Beauty Awards and the lovely Richard Söderberg , one of Sweden's most prominent opera singers.

Although the competition was tough, we were fully convinced that our presence in the nominations was well deserved. We are super proud to deliver what we promise - the very best, most sustainable and ethical products on the market.

So with tingles in our stomachs, we waited to see if we would manage to take home a prize. And there, amid the applause, it happened:

MaterNatura's Reconstruction Spray with 3 Amino Acids won Best Skin Care! ✨

Motivation of the jury:
“Strengthen your swell with this trio, amino acids and keratin in harmonious bio. Lifts the hair's shine and gives volume without weighing it down - a safe product for anyone who wants healthy hair."⁠

But it didn't end there!

We had hardly had time to collect the first prize before we heard the wonderful words again:

“And the winner of Best Eye Makeup is… INIKA Eyeshadow Quad - Sunset

Motivation of the jury:
“Party like everyday life, every moment a lift. With beauty that lasts from morning to night, it transforms your look into something special.”

With laughter and an incredible amount of joy, we picked up another prize!

And while our beloved Inlight Beauty Face Oil didn't win Best Face Oil, we were completely satisfied with the turn of events. It became a reminder of our commitment and dedication to our work – a passion we share with all other nature and beauty lovers.

But suddenly, our attention has once again turned to the big screen as we received another nomination that we weren't even aware of.

The award for the most sustainable brand goes to… Inlight Beauty !

Motivation of the jury:
"We are impressed by Inlight Beauty and see them as role models when it comes to working with environmental and social issues based on materiality, not least because the objectives are followed up in a systematic way and reported clearly and transparently so that it is possible to follow the development."

Completely shocked and ecstatic, we received the third prize!

For us at Nordic, sustainability is not just a trend, it is the basis for everything we do. Receiving so much recognition from industry experts pushes us even harder to continue our journey towards a more sustainable future.

We are deeply grateful for your support and trust. It means everything 🤎

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Let's continue to strive for a world where beauty and care for our planet go together.

Together we can make a difference!

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