Vilket läppstift passar dig? Få tips av Sonya Driver

Which lipstick suits you? Get tips from Sonya Driver

Sonya Driver is the iconic founder of Eco by Sonya. If you haven't come across her before, we recommend you check her out, why not follow her on social media? If you have an energy dip one day, you will surely be cheered up by her enthusiastic and powerful personality! A real power woman!

Here she gives you tips on her natural and vegan lipsticks. They are super nice for dry lips, don't bleed and are wonderfully creamy. Why not use Eco by Sonya's Lipliner for them? Sonya also believes that there is no right or wrong when it comes to makeup. If you feel it's right, it's right for you! You are the one who should feel good.

Which shade suits you? We think the shades are very flattering and suit most lips.

Lipstick Miami Rose is the lipstick that is quickly becoming the favorite of many. Miami Rose is simply iconic! It's classically stunning, with perfect misty pink pigments that complement all skin tones and work with every outfit.

Lipstick Burleigh Red is a lovely red highly pigmented, creamy and matte lipstick! This beautifully bold classic is incredibly nourishing and formulated with lovely colors from nature.

Lipstick Kirra Pink is a flirty soft lipstick, with pink pigments that give a natural look and melt beautifully on your lips. This lipstick is designed to hydrate and give a subtle pop of color.

Lipstick Currumbin Coral is the lipstick with a gorgeous coral shade that brings summer warmth to your skin tone and a stunning but subtle shine. Formulated to feel like a hybrid between lip gloss and lipstick, it will keep your lips soft and hydrated all day.

Lipstick Byron Nude is the lipstick with the perfect nude shade! Perfectly neutral and beautifully subtle on all skin tones. This beautiful shade will quickly become a favorite for everyday makeup. You will only find nutritious, natural ingredients in our lipsticks, such as jojoba, shea butter and orange peel. Specially formulated to nicely mattify and keep your lips soft and hydrated.

Which will be your new favorite?

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