Vilken hårbotten har du?

What kind of scalp do you have?

Hair health and growth begins at the scalp. In order to have beautiful hair and optimal growth, it is necessary to have a healthy scalp. A healthy scalp is a well-balanced scalp. It is clean, hydrated, has good blood circulation, produces a balanced amount of sebum (fat) and is free from irritation, itching and scaling.

We give you tips on how to recognize your scalp, so you can find the right solution for you!

How do you recognize a dry scalp?
The scalp is: Dry, scaly, irritated and itchy
The lengths are: The hair is dry, dull and can easily become tangled. Does not hold the hairstyle.

How do you recognize an oily scalp?
The scalp is: oily and irritated, dandruff that does not fall off, hair that is greasy at the roots
The lengths are: greasy and looks dirty after a day. Can smell bad and does not hold the hairstyle

How do you recognize a sensitive scalp?
The scalp is: very reactive, itchy, sometimes burns or hurts. Redness and possible dandruff in parts.
The lengths are: normal, no specific problems

How do you recognize a scalp with dandruff?
The scalp is: Dry dandruff, white flakes that may smell Oily dandruff, large yellow flakes that are difficult to remove, redness and itching.
The lengths are: Visible dandruff (white or yellow flakes) Otherwise normal, no specific problems

How do you recognize a scalp with hair loss?
Scalp is: normal, no visible specific problems
The lengths are: Thinner and more fragile, loses its quality, slower hair growth, more loose hairs in the brush

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