Vilken brun-utan-sol passar mig bäst?

Which tan-without-sun suits me best?

Guaranteed successful cheat burn (for the true beginner)

Winter Skin , - regardless of whether you are super pale and feel unsure about taking a step into the tan-without-sun world or want a soft sun-kissed look, Winter Skin is your product. It's a moisturizing body lotion and tan-without-sun product in one, so you can use it just like a regular body lotion (just don't forget to wash your hands afterwards). It's the perfect no-tan lotion for fair skin that builds up easily, so you can always layer up for more color.

Minimum application, tan-without-sun for everyone

Invisible Tan , - when you want a simple and smooth routine, choose Invisible Tan. A creamy tan without the sun that feels like a luxurious moisturizer. It is completely colorless and thus becomes invisible on the body when applied. Lubricate yourself, go to bed and wake up with a golden tone.

Acute tan-without-sun result!

Cacao Tanning Mousse – when you have an event and need to achieve a lovely bronzed look, like now, then you choose Cacao Tanning Mousse. It provides color in just one hour and continues to provide more color with more time. Super practical, just apply and get ready for the day.

For those who want a dark, deep tan

Hempitan – the darkest tan-without-sun product in the range. A water that gives a dark, deep and bronze tan, doesn't have the typical tan-without-sun scent and a lovely non-sticky feel on the skin which means you can get dressed or jump straight into bed straight after application. Gives color in just an hour but gets deeper if you let it sit longer.

For the skin care routine

Face Tan Water - add this product to your skincare routine and you'll feel super fresh, always! Specially formulated for the face, so it is gentle on sensitive skin, reduces redness and gives your skin an even, beautiful tone. Perfect for toning down redness in acne, scars, rosacea or couperoses. Replace your toner 2-3 times a week to maintain a slightly sun-kissed look.

2 in 1 - spray for face & body

Natural Tanning Mist - an ultra-fine mist for both face and body that quickly and easily creates a natural tan. The sun-kissed look develops completely in 10 hours and if you want more color, you just apply again. An extra plus for the super delicious scent!

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