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No more dry lips

Dry, chapped lips are a common problem, all year round. When lips lose their natural moisture, they become dry and start to flake. Many have a tendency to pull off the dry skin, which can lead to bleeding lips and irritation.

Tips on how to treat dry lips:
Moisturizing regularly is good for your lips, as the thin skin of the lips lacks natural fat as we have no sebaceous glands on the lips. This puts them at a greater risk of drying out, but moisturizing them regularly will help your lips maintain their moisture balance

It's also important to think about what you're applying to your lips. As you probably noticed, there are products that do not give your lips long-lasting moisture - but rather make them dry again quickly. It's not easy to find the right one, that's why I'm going to introduce you to our new brand Trew - which you will definitely need in your everyday life <3

When we tried these lovely lip balms for the first time, we couldn't believe it was true “Is this Trew?” a fantastic lip balm that encapsulates moisture, smells lovely while not being sticky.

Trew was founded in France by two passionate scientists, Romain and Ludovic, who are biologists, chemists and cosmetology engineers. Their goal is to demystify cosmetics and give new meaning to an industry where marketing often comes before science. They want to make consumption more responsible for both health and the planet by developing natural, effective and environmentally friendly products in their research laboratory in Brittany.

The vision is to offer lovely products for your lips that provide a combination of 100% natural ingredients, durability and effectiveness. Trew has created a unique formula that contains a high degree of glycerin and that effectively locks moisture into the lips but also repairs, softens and cares for exactly what your lips need.

No more dry lips :)

The lip balms come in three different varieties, day, night and tinted, which have lovely scents and come in lovely graphic packaging that looks like candy and is made from recycled materials.

Day Balmen comes in 4 different scents which are lip care products that are applied with a lip applicator. The lip balm is specially created to provide deep hydration and nourishment while softening the lips, which effectively repairs and softens dry and chapped lips. In addition to moisturizing the lips, the lip balm also contributes to fullness and counteracts premature aging.

Lime Lip Balm | Rose Lip Balm | White Peach Lip Balm | Coconut Lip Balm

Tinted Balm comes in 3 different scents and shades that are a perfect mix between nutritious care and natural makeup. It provides intensive hydration and softens the lips perfectly for those who love a natural and light color.

Raspberry Tinted Lip Balm | Cherry Tinted Lip Balm | Blueberry Tinted Lip Balm

Night Lip Balm comes in 2 different flavours, mint and chocolate, and has a higher wax content, giving it a richer, thicker texture. The lip mask provides intensive hydration, natural fullness and counteracts premature aging and leaves the lips softer and fuller in the morning.

Mint Night Lip Mask | Cocoa Night Lip Mask

Try Trew today!

Are you ready to say goodbye to dry, chapped lips and hello to soft, hydrated and well-groomed lips with Trew? Which will be your favorite?

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