Träffa grundaren av Inlight Beauty

Meet the founder of Inlight Beauty

Dr. Mariano Spiezia is the founder of Inlight Beauty and graduated in medicine and surgery in Italy in the early 1980s and has since worked to combine orthodox medicine with the extraordinary power of nature. He paved the way for the first detox center in southern Italy in the late 80s where he developed customized skin treatments. The treatments included the same herbs used in his herbal tinctures and teas, which were part of the detox program. The principle was to treat "from the inside out", to see the person as a whole, to get the best effect.

Mariano has a love, deep knowledge and curiosity for the plant kingdom, which makes him a charismatic and exciting innovator. In 1998 he moved to the UK, where he has continued his research and formulates 100% organic skin care elixirs and therapeutic balms based on a perfect synergy of green chemistry and medicinal herbal medicine. Along with the all-important ingredient: 'a pure, exuberant joy for life'.

"The vision and understanding of life is rapidly changing, with new perspectives, as a result of the laws of quantum physics. It is more and more evident that matter is 'alive' and that it responds to our influences" - says Dr. Spiezia.

"By combining alchemy and science, we slow down the production process and create products that tune into the skin's biochemical process. We bring beauty to life."

Bringing Beauty to Life

In 2021, Inlight Beauty conducted a study (a so-called hyperspectral imaging study), which provided scientific evidence that Inlight's products had visible, positive effects on the skin. The study concluded that this was due to the customized production process patented by Dr. Spiezia.

Mariano has been considered the "father" of the organic beauty movement in the UK and helped define the standards of organic beauty and health back in 2001.

He has been voted 4 times by the beauty industry as one of the top 25 "Who's Who in Natural Beauty" and nominated for a Lifetime Achievement Award with Positive Luxury for his ongoing efforts, work and contribution to sustainable and positive change in the beauty and health industry .

Dr Mariano Spiezia actively contributes research, advice and recommendations to newspapers, blogs and articles. He is Scientific Director at Inlight Beauty and Consultant at The Walsingham Natural Health Clinic in Truro, Cornwall.

"Great innovators are a bit like comets - they are remarkable, often misunderstood, and yet shimmer with an irresistible zeal and charisma. They are very special people indeed."

Summarizing Dr. Mariano Spiezia's work is not the easiest, but below are some of the most important points.

▪ Degree in Medicine & Surgery (Italy).

▪ Diploma in Homeopathy at the Independent University of Homeopathic Medicine (Italy).

▪ Doctor in charge of Casualty departments at town's hospitals in Sorrento and Iseo (Italy).

▪ Diploma in Clinical Phytotherapy (Italy).

▪ Founder and Director of Monte Faito Detox Center (Naples, Italy).

▪ Diet and Nutrition teacher at the International Center of Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies (Italy).

▪ Member of the British Medical Council.

▪ Licensed Member of the Faculty of Homeopathy (UK).

▪ Member of MCPP - College of Phytotherapy Practitioners (UK).

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