Möt årets 3 nominerade stjärnor

Meet this year's 3 nominated stars

It's no surprise that our natural beauty brands are taking the world by storm and winning everyone's hearts. We are so very proud of our contribution to a more sustainable, organic and healthy beauty industry, where we work with nature instead of against it!

We say a big thank you to the jury who this time nominated two of our newest brands - MaterNatura and Inlight Beauty! It gives us an incredible amount of joy and confirmation that we are doing the right thing - when we select the most wonderful products and brands to introduce to the Nordic market.

So without further ado, here are this year's Organic Beauty Awards nominations and three reasons why you should include them in your beauty routine right now :)

Best Face Serum/Face Oil under SEK 600 - Inlight Beauty | Face Oil

Recently, this love took home the "Best Face Oil" award at the Beauty Shortlist Award 2024 and is now ready to take home more titles! It feels like no one can stop our botanical bioactive champion, and rightfully so.

This oil is light, but moisturizes your skin like no other. So you will be just as radiant when you come home from work, as when you leave home. With lavender's calming properties, you can maintain your inner zen at the same time!

Astringent rosebud extract prevents inflammation, Vitamin E protects your cells and creates a protective barrier around your face. The scent is lovely! As Jane says: "You become obsessed with the smell!"

In short:

✓ Perfect as a make-up base

✓ Long-lasting moisturizing and protective effect

✓ Balances your sebum production to the optimal level

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Best Hair Care - MaterNatura | Reconstruction Spray with 3 Amino Acids

Here comes the savior for all beauties who love to dye or treat their hair! But maybe you've noticed that your hair doesn't love it as much...? It can easily become worn and dull when you dye your hair. Even the cold of the winter season and the strong summer sun make the hair in need of extra care.

We know how tricky hair care can be. That's why we appreciate MaterNatura's concern with a super product that contains three important amino acids when your hair cries out for help! SOS! By creating a protein film that seals and repairs your split ends and strands, this spray will ensure your hair gets the love it needs.

In summary:

✓ Moisturizes, strengthens, increases volume and improves shine

✓ Provides powerful protection with the help of amino acids, yeast peptides, rice proteins and plant-based keratin

✓ Does not weigh hair down

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Best Eye Makeup - Inika Organic | INIKA Eyeshadow Quad – Sunset

A true classic. A captivating sunset on your eyelids, which can be admired both by yourself and the people you meet. Warm and earthy tones, both matte and shimmering, suitable for all occasions. Perfect for daily make-up routines or a "night out" with friends.

Do you have sensitive and easily irritated skin? The problem is solved! The product is enriched with cocoa seed extract , as well as carnauba wax to provide a softening effect and lasting finish that lasts until the real sunset.

In simpler words:

✓ Basic tones with versatile areas of use

✓ Gentle on your skin throughout the day

✓ Sustainable packaging that helps you make a contribution to the environment

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Whether you've never tried the products above, or you're a dedicated natural beauty enthusiast, please share your exciting thoughts with us.

Which product would you nominate yourself? Feel free to comment!

And finally, keep your fingers crossed for our stars! They really deserve to win.

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