INIKAs Brand Ambassador Robyn Lawley Avsnitt 3

INIKA's Brand Ambassador Robyn Lawley Episode 3

EN: INIKA's Brand Ambassador Robyn Lawley is asked how she sees health and well-being.

- There are many people who are committed to eating right and exercising, but they don't care one bit about their skin care. Everything is connected. If you care about your health, you also have to think about what you put on your skin.

Robyn talks about when she got lupus and was very sick. She got sicker and sicker and was finally helped by a "crazy aunt" who advised her to go vegan and drink special green drinks. The disease was brought under control and has been good for the last 5-6 years.

Not only is Robyn an ambassador for INIKAS, but they call her warrior "Warrior," not just from battling her illness. But also because she has had to fight in the fashion industry, which is obsessed that all models should be size 32. Robyn is size 36-38 and is proud of it!

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