Guide till INIKA Organics mascaror

Guide to INIKA Organics mascaras

All mascaras from INIKA are enriched with carnauba wax and castor oil which stimulate lash growth. They also contain magnolia bark extract, which has an anti-inflammatory effect, nourishes and contributes to smooth application.

INIKA Long Lash Mascara - is designed to give ultra long eyelashes.
Available in black and brown.
Best Mascara 2021 Organic Beauty Award
The jury's reasoning: "The lashes become full and naturally nourishing, they are lengthened and the eyes get a magical glow."

INIKA Curvy Lash Mascara - gives beautifully curved lashes with a single swipe.
Available in black.

INIKA Bold Lash Mascara - gives volume and fuller lashes.
Available in black.

INIKA Purity Lash Mascara - gives defined and intense lashes.
Available in black.
Best Mascara 2023 Organic Beauty Awards
The jury's reasoning: "A mascara that gives defined and intense lashes with a wonderful brush that tapers so that you can easily reach all the lashes. Contains both vitamin E, sunflower oil and magnolia bark that strengthens and protects the lashes - perfect even for sensitive eyes. A clear favorite for everyone who wants a mascara that lasts all day!"

Choose the mascara that suits you best!

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