Årets mest hållbara varumärke är Inlight Beauty

This year's most sustainable brand is Inlight Beauty

With the amazing achievement of winning the Sustainability Award at the Organic Beauty Awards 2024, Inlight Beauty is seen as a true role model in the natural beauty industry, not only by us but also by a professional jury.

But what sets them apart from the crowd, and how have they established their position as the most sustainable brand? Today we explore Inlight Beauty's fascinating world of botanical extracts and green solutions, so stay tuned!

Nature and… quantum physics?
Inlight's founder, Dr. Mariano Spiezia has always understood the value of nature combined with science. With a background in medicine, surgery, homeopathy and herbal medicine, he took on the task of changing the beauty industry and was recognized in the UK as 'the father of the organic beauty movement'.

Dr. Spiezia believes that the laws of quantum physics also apply to skin care, where all matter is alive and affects our bodies. This is where "slow beauty" originates. Treating each ingredient gently and allowing the natural processes to take over, without disturbing or speeding anything up, is an important part of preserving both the "vibrational energy" and the beneficial properties for maximum effect.

In a study conducted by Mr. Gulla, who is an expert in hyperspectral imaging, Inlight Beauty's and similar/equivalent products currently on the market were tested. The result was fascinating. Inlight's products were shown to provide more radiance and radiance, better blood and lymph flow, better interaction with the skin at the molecular level and even greater vitality of the active ingredients through increased emission of photons.

The investigation was then further analyzed by Dr. Milani, researcher and professor of materials science who concluded that specific techniques used by Inlight can really positively affect the matter in our body and the skin's response to the products.

Could this particular focus on alchemy be the biggest secret behind Inlight's success?

Alchemical experts
In today's world, it is not easy to find companies that follow such environmentally friendly guidelines and create their products completely from scratch. But that's exactly what Inlight has sworn to uphold by growing its plants on a farm in Cornwall.

Each ingredient is carefully selected by Dr. Spiezia for its beneficial properties and individual/collective synergies. And precision also continues in production, where the plants are distilled into cold-pressed oils for over a month, exposed to sunlight and moonlight.

The production also includes unique techniques such as adjusting sounds, alchemical symbols, colors and words of intention, all with the vibration theory of quantum physics in mind.

Once the oils are fully saturated and filtered, the final touch is the addition of essential oils or beeswax, and nothing more. All thanks to the oil base which eliminates the need for preservatives.

In addition to the products being handmade and organic, its packaging is also a conscious choice. By using MIRON violet glass, the contents are protected from UV light, which preserves both the quality and vitality of the ingredients. The outer packaging is also locally produced with vegetable colors on recycled cardboard paper.

And that's exactly why Inlight is 100% organic! Very impressive work routine, we think.

The next level of environmental awareness and community
Inlight uses only 100% clean, green, renewable power from solar energy and ensures that their partners offset their possible emissions with projects that involve tree planting or protecting trees from deforestation.

To preserve the ecosystem, Inlight also supports local organic bee colonies by owning and caring for various beehives. It is part of Black's Cornish bee project which saves the local bees and prevents their extinction.

“Commercial honey producers import thousands of non-native bees every year. The importation of foreign species brings pathogens and pests that have contributed to the destruction of the local honey bee population.” - says Bob Black, the project's founder.

In this way, Inlight gets hold of one of its ingredients - beeswax. When honeycomb honey is produced in excess quantities, beekeepers can take some without affecting the health of the colony. This benefits the bees, due to promoted comb renewal and more room for honey bees to lay their eggs and raise their young in the new combs.

Inlight's beeswax is therefore certified organic and sustainably sourced. With care and without the use of chemical pesticides or synthetic substances that negatively affect bees and their habitats.

Want to learn more about the difference between organic and conventionally grown beeswax? Immerse yourself in the subject here .

But that's not all. Inlight also works with the Cornwall Wildlife Trust which protects wildlife and nature in 2,300 nature reserves in the UK, as well as donates to the Hello Beautiful Foundation which supports people with cancer and highlights the importance of non-toxic methods.

And what do Inlight Beauty say themselves?
Following the recent Sustainability Award, Jila Field from Inlight Beauty talks about the brand's ambition and pride in the recognition:

“Inlight is a luxury skincare brand with an ethical heart, believing in positive action and helping us be as sustainable as possible. We proudly carry the logos of Cosmos Organic and the Soil Association in the UK, Positive Luxury's Butterfly Mark and the International Leaping Bunny's certifications. Getting these certifications is not easy, but we do it so customers can buy Inlight and trust what we say and what we do.”

The future of green beauty
Inlight Beauty has really thought of everything. They definitely set the bar for both existing and future beauty brands. We look forward to seeing environmental issues more in focus and hope that many more will be inspired to follow the beautiful example.

And what do you think? Will handmade production, own cultivation, and green energy be the new standard in the future for the beauty industry? Feel free to share your thoughts below, and don't forget to follow us on Instagram for all our exciting news.

Until next time 💚

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