5 viktiga steg för strålande vårhud

5 important steps for radiant spring skin

Blooming flora, longer evenings filled with sunlight and an ambient warmth in the air. We are grateful for that when the long, dark, winter finally releases its strong grip and lets spring take over.

With the return of nature and the warm winds of spring, the skin's softness and radiant glow often return. We can finally say goodbye to the dry skin that winter's chilly temperatures have left us with. No more sandpaper-feeling hands or red, cold cheeks!

All of this sounds absolutely fantastic, but doesn't that mean our skin care routine could use an update?

Yes, and we'll guide you all the way!

  1. Switch to light moisturizers

It becomes unnecessary to exaggerate the hydration now that the weather outside is no longer so stressful. But of course you still have to take care of your skin. Especially when the sun starts peeking out, with its unwelcome UV rays.

But which moisturizer can rise to the challenge? Here are our best tips!

Feel free to choose between:
Inlight Beauty | Face Oil - for those who like the lovely scent of roses and vanilla with an excellent make-up base + protection combo

Moonsun | Face Cream - for those who love the scent of essential oils that have a tightening effect on pores and capillaries

Eco By Sonya | Super Fruit Hydrator - for those who struggle with oily skin and want to perk it up with some anti-aging magic from hyaluronic acid & Wild Harvest Plum.

  1. Peel yourself to fresh skin!

Now is really the time for some home spa love, and we want to advise on exfoliating the skin, which has many exciting benefits.

Just as life returns after winter, so our skin needs to be revived with home spa love. Exfoliation is a great way to give the skin a new lease of life and it also comes with many benefits.

It evens skin tone, softens skin texture, reduces pore size, and also promotes better absorption so you can enjoy even stronger effects of your beloved skin care products.

For example, use Moonsun's Body Scrub , which you mix with a few drops of Cleansing Oil or INIKA's Renew & Restore Peel 1-2 times a week, depending on how sensitive your skin is, and enjoy how soft and lovely your skin feels afterwards.

  1. Say no to UV radiation

Although the UV index is low and the sun is still far from the top of the priority list, it is good to consider the risks of too much sun exposure.

From skin damage and skin ageing, to increased risk of skin cancer. Make sure you are protected now. It is easy to forget about the time when you are enjoying the first rays of the spring sun, and suddenly you have burned yourself. Do you recognize yourself?

We recommend Sol de Ibiza's Face & Body Plastic Free Tin with SPF30 or SPF50 which protects against both aging UVA rays and irritating UVB rays, is water resistant and packaged in an environmentally friendly container. Less plastic in the ocean!

Another excellent option is INIKA Tinted Natural Sunscreen SPF50+, which also gives a sun-kissed look with its nice light coverage. Or Eco by Sonya's Glory Veil SPF50+ for sensitive skin with Vitamin E and Carrot seed Oil for extra nourishment and softness.

  1. A more subtle make-up is just right now

Of course we love to play with makeup! Primer, foundation and smokey eyes! But when spring comes, a more subtle make-up is just right. Your skin will love it, you will both see and feel how grateful your skin will be 🙂

For an easy sun-kissed look, Eco by Sonya's Face Tan Water can be your best friend. With it you can give your face and décolleté color and shine without using one

foundation. If you want, you can also skip point 1 and take advantage of Tan Water's moisturizing properties.

Similarly, if you want to save time and money while protecting yourself from incoming sun, INIKA's Loose Mineral Foundation with SPF25 is an obvious choice.

  1. Maximize your glow with antioxidants

Antioxidants are a key ingredient for skin that radiates charm. They help with blocked pores, impaired skin barrier, oxidative stress that contributes to aging and also hyperpigmentation. If you've found your skin to be a bit stubborn for no apparent reason, it might be worth giving antioxidants a try.

And what is considered one of the skin's best antioxidants? None other than… vitamin C!

Therefore, we suggest:
INIKA's fine Kakadu Plum Vitamin C Booster contains the world's richest source of vitamin C (kakadu plum) and a superior blend of antioxidants for extra protection and collagen boost.

Moonsun's excellent Vitamin C Serum which, with its omega fatty acids from sea buckthorn and antiseptic substances from aloe vera, can function both as an eye serum, after sun gel and also as a hair serum. What a value!

What is the next step?

With all that said, your thoughts may revolve around which step to start with. Exploring what suits you and your skin is both fun and safe. But remember that everyone has unique needs, and your skin knows best what it needs.

Do you have your own tips for skin care in warmer seasons? Would you like to try one of the products? Let us know!

We hope you can now enjoy spring and the blooming time to come <3

Take care!

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